U.S. soldiers detained in Budapest after pub brawl with tourists

The Instant-Fogas "party complex," the site of the incident. (instant-fogas.com)
By Dénes Albert
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Members of an elite U.S. military unit were detained by Hungarian police after getting into a fight in a downtown Budapest nightclub, according to the freely distributed daily Metropol.

The incident occurred at the popular nightclub Instant, on Akácfa Street in the capital’s 7th district, officially known as the Instant-Fogas complex.

According to the tabloid, soldiers of an elite airborne unit were fighting with foreign tourists in Instant. The altercation ended up with the soldiers using the hand-to-hand combat skills they had acquired during their special training.

Even the security guards working at the venue were reportedly unable to control the soldiers, and several tourists were injured. Eventually, the security guards called the police, and they brought the U.S. soldiers to the district police station.

The Budapest Police Headquarters referred Metropol’s request for comment to the Central Investigating Prosecutor’s Office, which replied in a statement that “the case is under investigation by the Budapest Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of aggravated assault. No suspects were questioned in the case, and no coercive measures affecting personal liberty were imposed.”

The information also revealed that no one had suffered serious bodily injury in the fight, but no further details about the ongoing proceedings were forthcoming. Metropol wrote that the soldiers were likely members of the famous U.S. 101st Airborne Division, recently deployed to neighboring Romania.

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