US conservatives slam Biden admin’s visa sanctions against Hungary

By Dénes Albert
2 Min Read

Many American conservatives have condemned the Biden administration’s move to severely restrict the entry of Hungarian tourists with new visa sanctions.

As Remix News reported on Wednesday, the United States has tightened visa authorizations for Hungarian nationals, citing security reasons. Until now, Hungarians could apply for a two-year, multiple-entry visa through the U.S.’ Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). Under the tighter rules, the ESTA approval will only be valid for a single entry during one year.

Author and publicist Rod Dreher tweeted: “Now that the White House has the southern US border under control, he can turn to the real threat: people from a NATO allied country that refuses to be a Magyar Stepin Fetchit for Joe Biden.”

In a statement, the Republican think tank Counterpoint Institute writes: “Biden allows seven million unchecked across southern border. But punishes NATO ally Hungary “for not being sufficiently pro Ukraine-Russia war and pro LGBTQ+.”

Republicans for National Renewal issued a long statement on the matter, pointing out that “the United States of America, under the incumbent corrupt Democrat regime, has taken an unprecedented move against Hungary, its ideological opponent, by limiting visa waivers for Hungarians.”

The statement also said that “such a reason from the Biden regime is transparently disingenuous, as this administration has no interest in ‘stringent identity verification’ for the millions of illegal aliens who have poured over our southern border.

“The corrupt Biden regime continues to spiral the world towards endless war, all while ignoring high security risks on U.S. soil. Republicans for National Renewal fully rebukes this administration’s ideological war against Hungary and any ally that stands for their people before the interests of the globalist elite,” the statement by Mark Ivanyo, executive director of Republicans for National Renewal, read.

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