Viktor Orbán continues to comfortably top Hungarian polls

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on February 18. (
By Dénes Albert
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Incumbent Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán holds a considerable lead over his political rivals, receiving the support of almost half of all respondents in the latest polling.

According to a recent survey by the Nézőpont Institute, a total of 49 percent of Hungarians consider Orbán to be the most suitable candidate to continue in his role at the next election, as trust in him is nearly four times higher than in the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), seven times higher than the Our Homeland movement, and eight times higher than Momentum.

DK’s Klára Dobrev is the second most trusted politician among those asked, winning the trust of 13 percent of voters, a considerable 36 percentage points less than the current prime minister.

In third place was László Toroczkai (Our Homeland), who was considered the most qualified for the job by 7 percent of voters.

Anna Donáth (Momentum) came fourth with 6 percent of the vote. Her comeback is not yet a success, as her supporters are less than half of Dobrev’s. In fact, 11 percent consider neither of them to be the best candidate.

More concerning for a splintered left intent on dethroning Orbán, more than a quarter of left-wing voters (27 percent) cannot choose between the current opposition offerings.

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