Illegal immigration into Germany soared by 40% in August as 15,000 detected crossing the border

By Thomas Brooke
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The head of the German Federal Police Union has slammed Interior Minister Nancy Faeser for failing to defend Germany’s borders after more than 15,000 illegal migrants were detected entering the country last month — a record monthly high for the year.

A total of 15,100 illegal entries were registered by authorities in August, up a considerable 40 percent from the previous record of 10,714 recorded in July.

The consecutive monthly rises in illegal activity represent a concerning trend for Germany’s federal police, and union chiefs have expressed their anger at the federal government for its inaction on border control.

“The trend continues happily, reaching a new high with over 15,000 detections of unauthorized entries, and Nancy Faeser is campaigning in Hesse. It’s all just unbelievable,” said Heiko Teggatz, head of the German Federal Police Union, as cited by the German newspaper Die Welt.

“We have been warning about this development for months. Nothing has happened so far. This behavior is irresponsible. States and municipalities are being let down by the federal government,” he added.

Teggatz said that only Faeser has the ability to curb illegal immigration by introducing border controls but claimed “she’s obviously not even thinking about doing anything.”

The German CDU opposition party also placed the blame at the feet of the federal government with Alexander Throm, the party’s parliamentary group spokesman on domestic policy accusing Faeser of “watching idly” as the number of illegal border crossings increases dramatically.

“The states are resorting to self-help because they are being let down by the federal government. Ms. Faeser must finally bring the situation at the borders under control,” he added.

“Things are getting really bad,” added Miguel Klauß, a Baden-Württemberg state parliamentarian for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is reaping the political benefits from the ongoing migration crisis. “Only the AfD can protect us from it,” he added.

A total of over 71,000 illegal migrants were detected entering Germany in the first eight months of the year, and with August’s figure of around 500 new arrivals a day added to the fact that last year more than 10,000 illegal migrants were detected in each month from September through November, that number is expected to rise considerably.

Last year’s total of 91,986 illegal entries is likely to be surpassed as dissenting voices, disillusioned with Germany’s current direction of travel, grow louder.

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