80% of French support ban on more immigration, two-thirds back referendum

By Thomas Brooke
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An overwhelming majority of French citizens do not think their government should welcome any more migrants to France and two-thirds of the country backs a referendum on immigration, recent polling has shown.

According to the survey conducted by the CSA Institute for CNEWS published on Tuesday, 80 percent of people in France want a ban on immigration, compared with just 19 percent in favor of further new arrivals.

Opposition to more mass immigration is the majority view among all age groups. The most welcoming demographic is younger people; however, 68 percent remain against more immigration compared to 31 percent in favor.

The age bracket most opposed to open borders is 50-64, where 88 percent are against, five percentage points more than those aged 65+.

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While opposition to mass immigration is almost unanimous among right-leaning voters — 100 percent of Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête and 98 percent of National Rally voters are against it — an increasing number of left-wing sympathizers are also questioning the number of new arrivals into France.

A total of 56 percent of left-wing voters oppose more immigration, with the only slim majorities in favor found among supporters of the Radical Party of the Left (55 percent), LFI (55 percent), and the Greens (52 percent).

The survey was conducted on Dec. 11-12 as the French government’s immigration bill was being rejected by the French parliament. Left-wing parliamentary factions believed the bill infringed on human rights, while right-wing politicians including Marine Le Pen said the bill was “pro-immigration.”

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The same poll revealed that two-thirds of French citizens also support a referendum on immigration, a move proposed for some time by right-wing parties, who believe an influx of new arrivals has threatened social cohesion in the country and led to an increase in crime.

An increase in crime due to immigration was evidenced last week by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin who revealed that 60 percent of people arrested in France are foreign nationals.

Again, every age bracket across the country supports the idea, with 50-64-year-olds backing it the most strongly at 73 percent. Young people aged 18-24 are the least supportive, but it still garners a majority of 64 percent in favor to 36 percent against.

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