Czech police intercept Hungarian van smuggling over 60 migrants

Minivan carrying migrants crashed in a ditch after police chase in Hungary. (MTI/Zoltán MIhádák)
By Dénes Albert
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Czech police have opened an investigation into an unknown man who abandoned a Hungarian-registered truck near the city of Brno which contained more than 60 illegal immigrants.

The vehicle was being driven on the D1 motorway near the Czech city in southern Moravia, regional police spokesman David Chaloupka said on Sunday.

A Czech traffic police officer ordered the truck driver to follow him to a nearby car park for a routine check. The driver of the Hungarian vehicle pulled off to the side of the motorway, apparently following the police car, then suddenly stopped, jumped out of the vehicle, and fled the scene.

Police later found 62 illegal migrants in the abandoned Hungarian truck. The nationalities of the migrants were not disclosed by the police.

“Sixty-two migrants were crammed into the cargo compartment of the truck, who were later transported from the scene in a police car for identification and questioning,” said a police spokesman cited by the CTK news agency.

The investigation is ongoing.

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