Poland is becoming the guarantor of security on NATO’s eastern flank, says Czech security expert

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland has assumed its growing role as the leader of Central and Eastern Europe and the guarantor of the security of NATO’s eastern flank, a Czech security expert has claimed.

In an interview with the Lidove Noviny newspaper, the head of the Czech Association for International Affairs (AMO), Vit Dostal, asserts that in Poland’s view, the actual border with Russia now extends to the Polish-Belarusian border.

Belarus is seen as militarily subordinate to Russia, which poses a threat to Poland’s sovereignty. That is why, Dostal believes, the deployment of an additional 10,000 troops on the border with Belarus sends a message from Poland to Moscow, warning against provocation.

The Czech expert points out that the presence of Russian military mercenaries, the Wagner Group, in Belarus makes the situation even more unpredictable for the Poles.

All major political parties in Poland support border protection and view the threat as serious. Before the October election, the government is under pressure and needs to demonstrate that it can protect the eastern border. Therefore, incidents such as the presence of two Belarusian helicopters in Polish airspace might receive more attention today, but in Dostal’s opinion, Poland would do something like this regardless of the elections. He says that in Poland, defense policy is not contingent on elections.

The AMO head assessed that Poland is positioning itself as the regional security guarantor for the Baltics and, by extension, the entire eastern flank of NATO. Poland’s position continues to strengthen, and other countries will strive to have armies as compatible as possible with its forces.

The expert pointed out that Warsaw purchases weaponry wherever it can. He cited the example of tanks that were bought in Germany, the USA, and South Korea. In his opinion, while the solution isn’t perfect, the decision was made that if something can be purchased, it should be done now.

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