A special Polish unit is being formed in Ukraine

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

The first Polish special unit under the command of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense (MoD) began forming in Kyiv on Wednesday.

The formation meeting was attended by the Polish founder of the unit, the commander and chief of staff of the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), and a representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The unit will be tasked with reconnaissance and sabotage and will only accept the most experienced soldiers, including volunteers who fought against Russia. The Polish unit will cooperate with a similar one formed with Russian soldiers.

The special unit will not be a part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, where Polish volunteers fought side by side with volunteers from other countries; instead, it will be responsible directly to the Ukrainian defense department

A Polish citizen, whose name was not disclosed, is organizing the unit, and it will most likely be known as the Polish Volunteer Legion. There are already two similar units made up of foreign nationals: the Russian RDK and the Belarusian Volunteer Corps (BDK). Each of the units consists of several dozen soldiers.

The Polish unit will be the third unit of this type and initially could have a similar troop count. Simultaneously, a similar German unit is being formed in Ukraine.

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