Polish paratroopers are ‘invading’ Swedish island of Gotland for Aurora 23 military exercises

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Polish paratroopers will participate in Aurora 23 military exercise in Sweden. Aurora 23 is part of Exercise Trifecta, a joint training program for NATO’s eastern flank. In the operation, 120 Polish paratroopers will conduct a mock airborne assault with British soldiers onto Swedish Gotland Island.

During the exercise, Polish troops from the 6th Airborne Brigade aim to enhance coordination with allied forces in defense planning and their ability to conduct training operations, stated press officer Lt. Malwina Jarosz of the 6th Airborne Brigade.

The Polish paratroopers will practice long-distance transportation, airborne assault techniques, securing a foothold in enemy territory, and deploying defense systems.

The purpose of Exercise Trifecta is to test the defensive capabilities and combat readiness of the Swedish military, and to support Sweden’s efforts to join NATO. Poland has also contributed a transport and minesweeper ship and escort vessels, as well as the combat module of Naval Missile Unit to participate in Aurora 23.

“The exercise involves a scenario in which Sweden is subjected to operations of influence and sabotage that escalate into military attacks,” reports Brigadier General Stefan Andersson, who is directing the exercise.

The Aurora 23 exercise began on April 17, with 26,000 soldiers from Sweden and 14 other countries, including Poland, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, and the United States. The exercise is taking place mainly in the southern part of Sweden, including the island of Gotland.

Aurora 23 is the largest military exercise of the Swedish Armed Forces in 25 years. Together with the Polish-led Exercise Anakonda and the U.S. Exercise Defender, it is one of the three major exercises that make up Exercise Trifecta.

The Swedish Island of Gotland was remilitarized in 2014 for the first time since the Cold War due to growing threats from Russia. It is also an important location for shipping lanes to Stockholm and Finnish, Latvian, and Estonian ports.

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