London Bridge hero ‘Captain Narwhal’ boosts image of Poles in the UK

He is deserving of a state decoration, both Polish and British ones

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author: wpolityce

The Polish hero who overpowered the London Bridge terrorist with a narwhal tusk did more to improve Poland’s image abroad than Olga Tokarczuk’s Nobel Prize in literature, Polish diaspora activist Sławomir Wróbel declared.

Wróbel explained that the Friday attack is the number one topic covered in the United Kingdom and much of the media is focusing on Łukasz, the Pole who helped take down the terrorist. In the interview for portal, he added that Łukasz’s actions improve the image of all of Poles living on the Isles.

“The actions with the narwhal tusk did more good to Poland’s image in the United Kingdom than the Nobel Prize for Olga Tokarczuk or hundreds of debates and conferences,” the activist pointed out.He added that in the UK the Nobel prize was mostly ignored whereas Łukasz’s actions have hit the front pages of all the media in Britain and the wider world.

“We should all be grateful to Mr. Łukasz for his courage and for how much he did for Poles living in the UK. He is deserving of a state decoration, both Polish and British ones,” he said.

Brits across social media have also been showing their appreciation, with many pointing to the alliance between Poland and Great Britain during the Second World War.

Other Brits used the moment to praise Polish people in general beyond the individual act of bravery that Lukasz displayed.

Major British media personalities such as Piers Morgan also noted that calls to reduce Eastern Europeans living in the UK should be evaluated in light of Lukasz’s actions. His post on Twitter has more than 70,000 likes.

Wróbel added that with each day, more information about Łukasz’s heroic actions is being released, with all the reports emphasizing his courage.


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