Construction of Poland-Slovakia gas interconnector complete, testing now underway

The gas interconnection between Poland and Slovakia, which is a part of the European North-South Corridor, has been completed and will now enter its testing phase

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk

The works to construct a gas connector between the Polish and Slovak transmission systems has been completed, Poland’s operator, TSO Gaz-System SA, revealed on Thursday.

The pipeline is currently being filled with gas and will undergo testing with the first trial transport of gas in both directions expected by the beginning of June.

Tests of achieving maximal gas pressure values were successfully conducted on the Polish part of the pipeline on Thursday.

The Poland-Slovakia gas interconnector is a high-pressure pipeline connecting national gas transmission hubs at Strachocina in Poland, and Veľké Kapušany in Slovakia.

The cross-border pipeline is 61 kilometers long on the Polish side of the border and 106 kilometers along Slovakia’s territory. It has a maximum capacity of 4.7 billion cubic meters annually from Poland to Slovakia, and 5.7 billion cubic meters from Slovakia to Poland.

The connection between Poland and Slovakia is a part of the so-called North-South Corridor which is the infrastructure allowing for gas supply along the way between LNG terminals in Poland’s Świnoujście and Croatia’s Krk Island. The Slovakian transmission system is subsequently connected to the Austrian, Czech and Ukrainian networks with the ability to send gas to Hungary and Ukraine.

On the Polish part of the corridor, all pipelines along with the supporting infrastructure were built and are working within the national system, Gaz-System SA explained. In total that is 800 kilometers of pipelines and a new gas compressor station in Kędzierzyn.

The interconnection with Slovakia was the final installment of the corridor.

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