Cost of living crisis usurps pandemic as world’s most concerning issue

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Sky-rocketing Inflation has overtaken the coronavirus pandemic as the primary concern across the world, a recent survey has shown.

Polling in late April by the Ipsos Institute Research asked respondents in 27 countries around the world what their number one worry was for the immediate future.

A total of 64 percent of respondents believed that the world was generally going in the wrong direction, compared to 36 percent who disagreed. As many as 80 percent of Poles were in the pessimistic group, with only Peruvians (91 percent) and Argentinians (86 percent) being more negative. The most optimistic respondents were residents of India (75 percent) and Saudi Arabia (93 percent).

The most common causes of concerns were inflation at 34 percent, and poverty and social inequality, both at 31 percent.

Poland was among the top countries concerned with inflation (60 percent). Only Argentinians are more concerned (66 percent). Polish respondents were also highly fearful of war breaking out in Europe, at 36 percent. Interestingly, only Germans fear conflict more than the Poles (41 percent).

What is Poland not afraid of? Crime and violence. Poland is the last country in this category with a 6 percent result. The average is 27 percent, with Mexicans the most concerned at 66 percent.

Poland is just below average when it comes to concerns related to political and financial corruption (19 percent). The average here is 24 percent.

Unemployment is most concerning for citizens of South Africa at 66 percent, compared to the global average of 27 percent.

In Japan, coronavirus remains the most feared issue at 41 percent, while it is the least pressing concern among Israelis at just 4 percent. The global average for coronavirus fears is now 16 percent.

Climate change is most concerning for inhabitants of Australia at 31 percent and the least for Peruvians at just 2 percent, with the global average in this category just 15 percent.

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