Does the cultural left want to destroy Tolkien’s work?

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By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The question of whether or not the cultural left wished to destroy the work of the famous J. R. Tolkien was asked by many after the mighty Amazon Prime Video started to stream a new series “The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power,” based on the works by the English writer.

The high-budget series is visually rich but fails to capture the spirit of Tolkien’s literature. Instead of metaphors and messages inspired by Christianity and a traditional world-view, which his literature is full of, the series offers political correctness and woke ideology.

Polish weekly Sieci journalist Goran Andrijanić spoke about this with David Engels, a Belgian historian living in Poland and a great expert on Tolkien.

“Let’s face it: The series is complete garbage,” said Engels adding that “the dialogues are terrible, the narrative is full of holes, and the protagonists are boring. The story itself is as far away from Tolkien as possible.”

Why is that? Where does that urge to definitively move from a masterpiece of world literature come from?

“Tolkien’s thinking is deeply conservative; its popularity is a threat to the modern way of thinking. The only solution was a complete internal deformation of the spirit of his work. It is then a direct attack against values that Tolkien represents and defends,” noted Engels.

“Tolkien embodies almost the opposite of all that today is politically desired and appropriate. Despite that – or maybe due to those reasons – his work is more popular than ever before, filling the huge void that remained in hearts of many Europeans, when their civilization started gradually losing its spirit,” the historian added.

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