Poland: 25,000 people gather for ‘Glory to Him’ prayer event in Wrocław

Source: FB/Szkoła Ewangelizacji Cyryl i Metody - SECiM.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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More than 25,000 people from Poland and abroad gathered at the Wrocław city stadium on Sunday to attend the “Chwała Mu” (Glory to Him) prayer event, a movement which originated during the pandemic as a way to reach people locked in their homes.

The several-hour-long worship event featured performances by a variety of different artists and sermons.

Addressing the crowd, Bishop Maciej Małyga, the auxiliary bishop of the Wrocław Archdiocese, emphasized “the connection between the Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem, and Wrocław, as places where Jesus revealed his glory.”

He urged participants to gather in Wrocław as the people of God, mirroring the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem “where the glory of the Lord is revealed for the strengthening of faith.”

Bishop Małyga praised the event’s significance in building community, particularly among young people. He expressed joy in seeing many youths actively participating in the Holy Mass at the Church of St. Maximilian before the event, displaying deep faith and joy.

“Chwała Mu” 2023 in Wrocław is a continuation of a project that first took place in August of the previous year at the Atlas Arena in Łódź. It received a response from 10,000 people, a sell-out within just two weeks of tickets going on sale.

Marcin Zieliński, a popular Catholic evangelist, and the “Rozpal Wiarę” Foundation organized the musical worship which started during the pandemic to reach people confined to their homes with the “Good News.”

Recognizing the lack of an online platform for worship, they produced over 20 hours of high-quality recordings, generating more than 2 million views. The success and numerous requests for a live meeting prompted the inception of “Chwała Mu” 2023 in Wrocław, with Zieliński expressing hope that it would mark the start of a promising future.

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