Poland: German state-run DW correspondent installed at Poland’s public television station in Berlin

Source: TVP Info, video picture grab.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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After Poland’s new left-liberal government seized control of public television in Poland, a journalist from Germany’s state-funded Deutsche Welle appeared on-screen on Tuesday as the station’s new Berlin correspondent. Previously, Cezary Gmyz served as TVP’s correspondent in Germany, but Magdalena Gwóźdź-Pallokat has now replaced Gmyz in this role.

The new correspondent, Gwóźdź-Pallokat, who works for Deutsche Welle’s Polish division, was formerly a DW correspondent in Warsaw. Her reporting primarily focused on German domestic politics and the German press’s reactions to events in Poland.

“Live entries from Berlin on TVP Info are now made by journalists from the German Deutsche Welle. A smiling and European TVP,” commented PiS MEP Dominik Tarczyński.

Meanwhile, MP Paweł Jabłoński notes: “Standards of #neoTVP, news from Germany for Poles, are now delivered by employees of Deutsche Welle, a medium financed by the German federal government.”

Cezary Gmyz, addressing the situation on conservative Republika TV, said: “Frankly speaking, I don’t know what it looks like,” when asked about his current professional situation. 

“Today on TVP Info, there was Magdalena Gwóźdź-Pallokat, the wife of a former ARD correspondent and a Deutsche Welle journalist who was broadcasting. When I saw it, I smiled a bit. Maybe I should write on my TVP business card, which I still have, ‘Cezary Gmyz, correspondent in liquidation?'”

He added that this situation poses financial challenges.

“It’s a problem because I had to pay out of my pocket for next month’s operation of the facility, as I haven’t received my salary or allowance for running the facility, leading me to the brink of bankruptcy,” said Gmyz.

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