Poland’s PM slams German politician Weber: ‘We don’t want you teaching us about democracy – it’s enough that you sent us Donald Tusk’

European People's Party member and candidate for the next president of the European Commission, Germany's Manfred Weber, left, speaks with European Council President Donald Tusk ahead of a meeting on EU top jobs at the Europa building in Brussels, Thursday, June 13, 2019. (Olivier Hoslet, Pool Photo via AP)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The head of the Polish government published a video on social media dedicated to German politician Manfred Weber, the leader of the European People’s Party (EPP). Weber recently made headlines after saying the Law and Justice party (PiS) is among those the EPP will “fight against.” He also referred to PiS as an “adversary.”

“Do you remember Mr. Manfred Weber from Germany, who wanted and still wants to influence the Polish electoral campaign? He obviously won’t succeed, but this politician really likes political turmoil,” said Morawiecki in the recording posted on the platform X.

He pointed out that Weber, as the head of EPP, was accused by MEPs, even from his own faction, of undemocratic governing methods, arrogance and unpredictability.

“He was a close associate of Angela Merkel and for years helped her make successive political mistakes, such as getting closer to Putin’s Russia. We now see the dire consequences this has had for all of Europe,” added Morawiecki.

“Weber caused a major scandal in Germany because he used a phrase from the Nazi dictionary (referring to Weber’s use of the term “final solution”) in reference to the immigrant issue. He proposed a system to EU countries for the mandatory sharing of natural gas with Germany. MEPs then accused him of having a Bolshevik idea,” stated the Polish prime minister.

“And such a controversial figure wants to teach Poles about democracy. We don’t want that in Poland, Mr. Weber. It’s enough that you sent us Donald Tusk, who, in pretending to be a Polish patriot, is as blunt and indigestible as a German joke,” Morawiecki concluded.

Weber replaced Donald Tusk as the chairman of the European People’s Party. He has been in this position since May 2022.

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