Polish army considers allowing transgender troops

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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The Polish Ministry of National Defense is contemplating the integration of transgender and intersex individuals into its military ranks, marking a potential shift in policy. The move comes shortly after a new left-liberal government came to power under Donald Tusk.

Officials from the ministry noted they are taking the issue of restricted military service access for transgender and intersex persons seriously, and are exploring the possibility of revising regulations in this area. This comes in response to a query from the liberal newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, regarding the military’s openness to individuals with gender dysphoria.

Historically, individuals identifying as transgender have been barred from military service in Poland, a stance that has been unchallenged until now. However, under the governance of Tusk and his coalition, this policy may undergo revolutionary changes.

Polish soldiers during the Constitution Day celebrations in Wrocław, 2022. (Source: Shutterstock).

Following a change in leadership, the current direction of the Defense Ministry, led by Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, is “analyzing” the potential for regulatory changes that would no longer classify gender identity disorders as a “disease or defect.” This information emerged from the ministry’s response to an inquiry from Gazeta Wyborcza.

The press office of the ministry mentioned that proposals for changes regarding the assessment of military service eligibility and the procedures of military medical commissions for transgender and intersex individuals, had been proposed in inter-departmental consultations but were not approved by the previous conservative leadership of the Ministry of National Defense.

The press office of the ministry added: “We want to assure that we take the issue of restricted access to military service for transgender and intersex persons seriously and are analyzing the possibility of amending the regulations in this regard.”

In 2020, the spokesman for civil rights, now Minister of Justice Adam Bodnar, lamented in a letter to Minister Mariusz Błaszczak that transgender individuals “have restricted access to military service” and appealed for a change in this situation.

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