Polish copper giant KGHM hits new production records

KGHM is also the owner of the largest silver mine in the world and is the second-largest silver producer

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: wnp.pl
via: wnp.pl
Source: KGHM press stock.

Polish copper consortium KGHM has reached record levels of production of silver and copper concentrate.

According to the latest data for the first half of 2023, the Polish copper giant KGHM increased its silver concentrate production by 21 tons over last year’s figures.

The company produced over 677 tons of silver and 202,000 tons of copper concentrate in the first half of the year. These are the best-ever production figures recorded in Poland.

The company is proud to have beaten the record set in 2018, and according to its CEO Tomasz Zdzikot, this success comes down to effective management and a dedicated workforce.

The company is following an ambitious development plan and has yet again “proven that it is one of the global leaders in its field,” he said.

KGHM is a company in which the majority shareholder is the Polish state. The company has been listed on Poland’s stock exchange since 1997 and is a part of the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s WIG20 index, the exchange’s 20 largest listed companies.

According to the World Silver Survey 2023, KGHM is the largest silver mine in the world and the second-largest silver producer.

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