Polish government approves plans to build first nuclear power plant

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

Plans to build the first power plant in Poland have been approved by the country’s Climate Minister Anna Moskwa, who insists the construction is necessary “to ensure a stable power supply and enhance Poland’s energy independence.”

The green light was given to the Polish Nuclear Power Plants company on Tuesday to proceed with site selection and construction permits, marking a significant milestone for Poland’s energy mix and security.

The company’s application, submitted in April, outlined the plant’s characteristics, capacity, timeline, and the planned utilization of American AP1000 reactor technology. The nuclear plant will be constructed in one of the locations in northern Poland on the Baltic Sea cost: either near Choczewo or in the area around Gniewino and Krokowa.

The documentation adhered to strategic government guidelines, including a resolution passed by the Council of Ministers on Nov. 2, 2022, and the investment aligned with the Polish Nuclear Energy Program, Poland’s Energy Policy until 2040, and the EU’s climate goals.

The plant will meet the projected electricity demand, enhance supply stability, and diversify energy sources to ensure regional energy sovereignty, the climate ministry said.

Research commissioned by the ministry in November last year showed strong support for nuclear power plants in Poland, with up to 86 percent of Poles in favor of it. Over 70 percent of respondents are willing to have a power plant built near their location.

The Polish Nuclear Energy Program aims to establish an installed capacity of 6-9 gigawatts, using proven pressurized water reactors.

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