President Duda says that modernizing the army will ensure peace

Polish troops take part in a massive military parade to celebrate Armed Forces Day, commemorating the 1920 battle in which Polish troops defeated advancing Bolshevik forces, in Warsaw, Poland, Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Poland’s President Andrzej Duda said that August 15, Armed Forces Day, was the ideal occasion to talk about security, as “it is the most important issue” facing the country. He argued that “we are again living in dangerous times with a full-scale war next door.”

He added that he saw no end in sight to the war in Ukraine, adding that it was also thanks to Polish assistance that Ukraine has been able to defend itself and continue its struggle. 

The Polish head of state thanked Ukraine for its stance saying that, thanks to its ability to stop Russia, Poland is safe. “If people do not understand what our engagement and support are for, then they understand nothing,” he said. 

“Security of Poland, security of Polish women and men, is priceless,” the chancellery of the president of Poland posted on social media.

Duda maintains that an independent Ukraine and Belarus are critical for the continued independence of Poland and the security of its borders. He added that Poland’s defense of its borders was critical for both NATO and the EU.

He recalled that even before the war in Ukraine Poland had been the subject of a hybrid attack inspired by Belarusian and Russian forces. “This was a test of our resolve,” he declared. 

Andrzej Duda concluded by arguing that Poland’s modernization of its army would create a defense system that would ensure that no one dared to attack it and that no Polish soldier would be forced to fight. 

The military parade in Warsaw on August 15 was considerably larger than in previous years. It included over 200 vehicles and nearly 100 aircraft under the banner “Strong White and Red”(colors of the Polish flag).

An impressive array of military hardware was on display. These included the recently purchased Abrams and K2 tanks, K9 howitzers, HIMARS rocket launchers and Patriot batteries. 

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