The bell is tolling for Poland’s judicial elite

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

There can no longer be any doubt that a large proportion of Polish judges have become a threat to public order, and this threat is growing exponentially by the day.

These are the highly politicized judges who constantly attack the government for its judicial reforms, which, they argue, are a declaration of war on judicial independence. 

In fact, it is judges who have declared war on the government. They have done so by refusing to accept the decisions of a democratically elected government and by attempting to paralyze the work of the state in this sensitive pre-election period.

A good example of this was in the case of an anti-government judge who suspended the sentence served on a gangster just because he disapproved of the judge who had levied it for having been appointed by the newly elected National Judicial Council (KRS). The trouble is that this kind of behavior is receiving support from the European Union and, as a result, is encouraging others to follow suit. 

More and more court verdicts are political and dictated by hostility to the ruling party and the conservative values it represents. Political opponents of the government are assumed to be innocent regardless of the charges they are facing. The same applies to the Catholic Church, with attacks on it being condoned and dismissed by the courts.

Instead of applying the law, such judges are acting in solidarity with people just because they are opponents of what they consider to be a government that is oppressive toward the judiciary. 

The Polish judiciary is asserting itself as a privileged caste with immunity and a license to be above the law. It is a judiciary that believes it should never be criticized, challenged or held to account.

Time is running out for the Polish state to take the necessary action to prevent a scenario in which the state falls apart as a result of actions by its judicial elite.

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