Watch: Polish F-16 jets take off and land on public road during military exercise

Source: X@SztabGenWP.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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For the first time in history, Polish F-16 fighter jets are participating in maneuvers on a national road. The training is being conducted on Route 604, which spans about 3 kilometers in the northeastern Warmian-Masurian province of Poland.

The exercises focus on teaching pilots to use a public road as an airstrip, with the military exercises focusing on landing and takeoff procedures. This training, overseen entirely by the General Command of the Armed Forces, will help ensure that in case of a crisis, Polish aviation can still operate even if their primary air bases are destroyed.

After the first day of training on Monday, videos involving the F-16s began to create a buzz online.

The exercises on Route 604 involved Polish F-16 jets from the 32nd Tactical Aviation Base in Łask and MiG-29 frontline fighters from the 22nd Tactical Aviation Base in Malbork. Pilots practiced maneuvers such as touch-and-go, which involves an approach to landing, simulating a maneuver, and then taking off, ready for the next task.

In the following days, other military groups will join the exercises, culminating on Thursday. These are the first such exercises in Poland in 20 years.

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