Romanian mayor uncovers massive fraud at city hall

By Dénes Albert
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Dominic Fritz, the German mayor of the western Romanian city of Temesvár (Timișoara), made a shocking announcement on his Facebook page about rampant corruption at the City Hall job entrance exams.

He submitted the case to the Anti-Corruption Attorney (DNA) office.

Fritz wrote that as best as they could establish, the job exam papers were only scored the day following the exam, allowing corrupt personnel at the human resources department to doctor them.

In the original papers, applicants submitted random answers to the questions, only to be replaced overnight with the correct ones.

“We are facing a possible system of fraud, premeditated and systematic, which has taken place over several years, with potential complicity, at least at the top of the human resources service. We can only suspect that there is a bribe in the middle, but this must be determined by the prosecutors,” Fritz wrote.

Dominic Fritz, 38, born in Lörrach, Western Germany in 1983, won the mayoral election in Temesvár as the candidate of the centrist-liberal USR-PLUS alliance and promised to build a modern European city and eliminate graft.

Temesvár mayor Dominic Fritz. (source: Facebook)

Recently, Fritz also launched an investigation into the three companies managing the city’s parks, one of which failed to address 83 percent of citizen’s complaints about park cleanliness last year.

“There is no tolerance for abuse or corruption in the mayor’s office I run. Every time I come across such facts, I will have no hesitation in going to court,” Fritz wrote in his Facebook post. “And let’s be clear: we will win the fight, no matter what will be thrown at me or at those who want to clean up.”

Title image: The historic center of Temesvár (Timișoara). (MTVA/László Molnár-Bernáth)

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