Romanian mayor claims saint is helping cure COVID-19

The local mayor insists he has statistical evidence and several testimonies to prove his claim

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mandiner

A local mayor in Romania believes he has found a new cure for coronavirus, according to reports.

Ion Lungu, mayor of the city of Suceava in northeastern Romania, which has been among the most infected regions of the country since the initial Covid-19 outbreak, told locals that he has statistical evidence to show that the condition of patients improved “as a result of the passage with the relics of St. John the New through the hospital yard.”

The city is famous for the 17th century earthly remains of St. John the New, one of the most important Orthodox relics in Romania. While all over Romania crowded public events, festivals, city days and other public events have been cancelled, religious processions and pilgrimages were allowed to continue — this is how the mayor discovered the new cure.

“We have statistics, testimonies of people who have healed or whose condition has improved as a result of passing with the relics of St. John the New through the hospital yard or nearby,” Lungu said.

“We don’t know how things will evolve, but insofar as it will be necessary, we will call on you to make another pilgrimage with the Saint through the city and the county,” he added, referring to the Archdiocese of Suceava who is responsible for the religious processions.

Back in the summer, Lungu explained that he believed that the relic of the saint undoubtedly contributed to the healing of the Suceava patients, and claimed he had heard from several patients who had approached him to say that they felt a noticeable improvement in their condition when the relic was near.

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