Russian town displays map of huge Russian empire

Hungary and Finland are also part of this fictional Russia

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Magyar Nemzet

In the city of Tambov, Russia, a map of a new Russian empire is displayed on a giant billboard that includes all of Central and Eastern Europe, a redivided Germany, Finland, Central Asia, Mongolia and Alaska, according to a post shared on Twitter.

Below the map of the vast empire is the caption: “We’ll teach you to love your homeland!”

The banner is displayed at the 266th training centre, where tractor drivers, forklift drivers and truck drivers are trained,” says the Twitter user who shared the post.

The picture shows the Soviet Union, other Warsaw Pact countries, the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Finland, Mongolia and Alaska as part of a united Russia.

The map is a curious amalgam of the Soviet Union and the former Russian Empire, of which Alaska was a part until 1867. But the depiction on the billboard goes beyond history, as neither Greece nor the former Yugoslavia was ever under Russian rule.

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