The opposition of Poles to accepting illegal migrants will block EU mandate

The Polish opposition pretends it doesn’t remember giving consent for the forced relocation of illegal migrants, writes PiS MEP Zbigniew Kuźmiuk

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Zbigniew Kuźmiuk

The opposition and its supportive media seem to forget that when the Civic Platform (PO) was in power, they not only agreed to accept illegal migrants, but they even prepared thousands of places for them throughout the country.

The process of preparing these places was so advanced that if the PO had not lost the parliamentary elections in the fall of 2015, thousands of immigrants would have been accepted by that government in early 2016. Recently, a document addressed to 16 provincial governors, signed by the then minister and current MEP for the PO, Andrzej Halicki, was found in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In it, he sought information about centers in their areas where immigrants could be accommodated and to check if they met the conditions for their long-term stay.

Let’s remember that Donald Tusk, already presiding over the European Council by the end of 2015, persuaded his party colleague, then Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, to betray the Visegrad Group, agreeing to the mandatory relocation of approximately 66,000 illegal migrants. The V4 countries had decided to block this solution, but under pressure from Tusk as the Council’s president, Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz went back on her word to the other countries in the group and supported the solution pushed by the European Commission.

It was only after the United Right took power in Poland that the country returned to the original agreement within the V4. More than two years of debates in the European Council led to a change in June 2018, where it was concluded that the relocation should be voluntary.

Finally, when Tusk’s “career in Europe ended” and he was sent back to our country to “keep PiS from power” and as the Belarusian-Polish border was stormed by immigrants brought from around the world by Putin’s and Lukashenko’s services as part of a hybrid war, he claimed they were “poor people looking for a better life and we should help them.” When the United Right government decided to build a wall on that border, Tusk scoffed, saying they “might as well electrify the fence” and that “this wall won’t be built in a year, or even three.”

Now, to divert attention from his “contributions” regarding the EU’s mandatory acceptance of illegal immigrants, Donald Tusk makes ads in which he scares Poles with foreigners working legally in Poland.

If, in the referendum, the majority of Poles are against accepting illegal immigrants and the turnout exceeds 50%, the government will be obligated to implement that decision, regardless of external conditions.

And if this is indeed the case, EU solutions regarding the mandatory relocation of immigrants, regardless of their final form, could not be implemented in our country.

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