‘This war is killing Europe,’ says Hungarian security analyst

The war only serves to increase the United States’ advantage over Europe, security analyst Prof. György Nógrádi believes

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mandiner
Hungarian security analyst György Nógrádi. (HírTV)

The war in Ukraine is “killing Europe,” Hungarian security analyst Prof. György Nógrádi said Thursday on news channel HírTV’s daily political talk show.

Analyzing the latest developments of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Nógrádi said that the Ukrainians cannot carry out a decisive counterattack because Putin increased the number of Russian forces two days ago.

“The Russians know perfectly well that this is not a Russian-Ukrainian war, it is a Russian-American confrontation, where you have to come to an agreement with the USA,” Nógrádi said.

According to Nógrádi, the world has changed because only a few countries are behind the Ukrainians, and more and more countries are contacting Russia. The expert said that weapons munitions are flowing into Ukraine in large quantities, but according to reports, most of them are stolen.

Zelensky acts as if he is the great power, but Ukraine is vulnerable, Nógrádi claimed, explaining that Europe is suffering and that in Germany, there is a fundamental fear of winter and of running out of heating material.

“It is obvious that this war is killing Europe, and for the U.S. this means that its advantage over Europe is increasing.”

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