Hungary tops medal table at Copenhagen kayak-canoe World Championship

By Dénes Albert
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While the Hungarian team’s individual results may have been disappointing to some, the country’s kayak-canoe national team still managed to reassert its dominance in the sport at the Copenhagen World Championship.

In the men’s races, Bálint Noé won the 5,000 meters kayak race and Balázs Adolf the 5,000 meters canoe one, the latter narrowly beating his German arch-rival Sebastian Brendel.

But it was the women’s team that really shone at the world championship in Denmark, winning three gold, six silver and one bronze medal, while the mixed team brought home one gold and silver medal each.

“Overall, I’m happy with the result, although I have some nagging feelings because the weather has affected a lot of races in which we could have even won a gold medal. The wind was so cold and the water was so cold that our female kayakers paddled with incredibly stiff muscles as they couldn’t warm up well, so they couldn’t get the most out of themselves,” team coach Csaba Hüttner told news portal Mandiner. “It is a very good performance that we have won six medals out of ten Olympic numbers and two fourth places. In the men’s canoeing discipline, we won medals in both Olympic numbers.”

Title image: Balázs Adolf wins the 5,000 meters canoe race at the Copenhage World Championship. (MTI/Balázs Szigetváry)

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