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Antifa should decide which publishers are allowed at popular book fair, demands famed German left-wing activist

German sociologist, anti-racism activist, and former Green Party politician Jutta Ditfurth has…

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Poland and Britain call on Amazon to drop anti-Semitic books

Slovaks will head to the polling stations on Feb. 29.

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Several Czech and Slovak e-shops sell anti-Semitic books for children

The popularity of Robert Fico’s Smer continues falling

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Sapkowski’s Witcher novels conquer Germany

Fashion meets swimming in Hungary to produce beautiful results

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Author Milan Kundera regains Czech citizenship

Over 1,300 famine and plague victims found in Kutná Hora

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Twain’s Huckleberry Finn censored

Far from being part of the solution, French President is the symptom…

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“Solaris” by Lem voted book of the centenary

A sermon by Petr Piťha about the end of the traditional family…

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First pictures of Netflix’s “The Witcher” taken in Hungary

While economic growth in other Central European countries seems to be slowing…

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Leading book exhibition kicks off in Kraków

Figures show that Poland issues the highest number of residence permits to…

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Books, money and video games

George Friedman warns that European Union is falling apart. The founder of…

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