Books, money and video games

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The author of “The Witcher” book series Andrzej Sapkowski recently issued a call for payment to video game company CD Projekt Red. The claim was the discrepancy between Sapkowski’s and CD Projekt’s profits from the sales of “The Witcher” games.

On the internet forum Reddit, in a thread dedicated to discussing the ongoing conflict between the Polish author and the company, American fantasy author Brandon Sanderson had expressed his willingness to work with CD Projekt: “I would seriously consider giving CD Projekt Red the rights to my books for free.”


Sanderson argued that video games are becoming an increasingly popular and influential medium in culture and that a good adaptation would have an enormous impact on the popularity of a book series.

Sanderson also complemented CD Projekt by saying that “they’ve made by far the best book-to-video game adaptations ever. It’s the sort of thing the rest of us salivate over.” Sanderson explained that the entire genre of fantasy benefits from an adaptation such as “The Witcher” games.


Brandon Sanderson is one of the most famous modern fantasy authors, known for his “Mistborn” and “Stormlight Archive” book series. His titles have been #1 bestsellers on the New York Times bestseller list multiple times.

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