Tusk enters the game

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The former Civic Platform (PO) Prime Minister came to Kraków to take part in the “Role of the Catholic Church in the process of EU integration” convention. Although there are videos on the internet which show Tusk being greeted by masses, in truth there were no more than 150 people.

This is how Tusk’s greetings in the Kraków Main Square looked like on TV…


…and this is how it really looked like:


“We don’t need to rise from our knees, because we’ve never been on them. We need need to finally learn to give each other a hand,” Donald Tusk told people at the Kraków Main Square.

Morawiecki hit the ball

During Law and Justice’s (PiS) party convention in Dębica, Poland, the Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki said that: “We’re not lazy, we’re not kicking the ball around, we’re working hard. Sometimes we make mistakes, but someone who doesn’t make mistakes is someone who isn’t working.”

Tusk, who is a passionate football fan and remained so even during his time as PM, had popularized the term to “kick the ball around”.

“Kicking the ball around is an activity for gentlemen,” Tusk replied on Twitter in response to Morawiecki.

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