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‘Witcher’ author praises second season of Netflix show based on his novels

On Friday, Dec. 17, fans will be able to watch the second…

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Sapkowski’s Witcher novels conquer Germany

Fashion meets swimming in Hungary to produce beautiful results

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The Witcher’s success catapults Sapkowski to top of fiction bestseller list

The incumbent president has a support of 47.7 percent of the surveyed…

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The true origins of The Witcher

The War on Christmas is an obsession of those who want to…

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Will The Witcher Netflix series be as big as Game of Thrones?

Polish-Israeli relations remain sensitive.

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Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red “close to agreement”

Former Deputy Speaker of Sejm and anti-communist movement legend Stefan Niesiołowski is…

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Sapkowski optimistic about Netflix’s “The Witcher”

When Prime Minister Babiš attended a commemorative ceremony of the 1968 occupation…

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First pictures of Netflix’s “The Witcher” taken in Hungary

While economic growth in other Central European countries seems to be slowing…

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Full cast of The Witcher revealed

Albanian lawyer Darian Pavli - a long-term employee of George Soros's Open…

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Books, money and video games

George Friedman warns that European Union is falling apart. The founder of…

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Sapkowski demands more money for “The Witcher”

While Peter Pellegrini is open to providing asylum to Syrian orphans and…

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Political correction of Netflix’s “The Witcher”

The plenary debate in the European Parliament was not about the substance…

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Sapkowski’s “The Witcher” on Netflix

Controversy around the purchase of Australian Adelaide frigates continues. Poland once again…

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