‘Witcher’ author praises second season of Netflix show based on his novels

Source: Netflix, press stock.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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On Friday, Dec. 17, fans will be able to watch the second season of the hit show “The Witcher” on Netflix, which is based on the bestselling Witcher book series written by Polish superstar author Andrzej Sapkowski.

The show’s first season aired in December 2019 and had broken Netflix’s viewing record back then. Within 28 days of its premier, the show was watched 70 million times. Due to the pandemic, fans had to wait almost two years for the second season.

The books’ author himself has already watched the second season and while he is credited as the show’s consultant, he has given the showrunners full artistic freedom. Sapkowski’s very positive review of the second season was shared by the show’s official social media accounts.

The second season’s release date coincides with the release of the original first Witcher short (“Wiedźmin”) story which was published in Poland’s “Fantastyka” magazine in December 1986.

Netflix’s “The Witcher” is based on the internationally best-selling Witcher fantasy book series by Sapkowski. The books focus on the titular Witcher Geralt of Rivia and his adventures.

The Netfilx show has also raised some controversy regarding what was seen as an attempt to be politically correct by casting a Black and Asian actress to play a character that was described as White in the novels. The novels were originally set in a Medieval period

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