The Witcher’s success catapults Sapkowski to top of fiction bestseller list

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After the premiere of Netflix’s “The Witcher”, Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, on which the show is based, have become the number one bestseller on Amazon. His novel “The Last Wish” has also found its way into the New York Times bestseller list.

Amazon holds a ranking of the most popular authors based on the number of copies of books sold through the platform and updates it on an hourly basis.

Although authors such as Rowling or King usually hold first place, Sapkowski has exceeded them and has held the top position since the end of December 2019.

This success is mostly due to Netflix’s “The Witcher”, through which the broader global audience learned about Sapkowski’s novels and began to purchase his books.

Although Polish developer CD Projekt RED’s video game adaptations boosted the novels’ popularity, they had not become a phenomenon until the Netflix series.

The demand for the Polish author’s books is so massive that Amazon has ran out of physical copies and readers must wait at least a week to purchase more.