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Poland looks weak in its dispute with Ukraine. Here’s how it can improve its position

In a turn of events that has puzzled analysts, Poland, an economically robust member of Western organizations like NATO and the EU, seems to be struggling in a disagreement with its eastern neighbor, Ukraine. The European Commission recently opted not to extend the ban on importing Ukrainian grain into the EU, contrary to Poland’s wishes. […]
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Polish President’s aide: Closure of coal industry and Fit for 55 would be a disaster Agriculture EU grain embargo Jan Ardanowski Ukraine News Poland
3 WEEKS AGOAgriculture EU grain embargo Jan Ardanowski Ukraine News Poland

Lifting of EU embargo on Ukrainian grain would spell death knell for Polish farming, says former agriculture minister

Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, the former agriculture minister for the ruling conservative PiS, fears that if the European Commission decides to lift the grain embargo, it will cause an unprecedented crisis for Polish agriculture

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