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Germany’s Lutheran Church is spearheading an assault on Christian values

The very institution that should be reinforcing the Christian identity of German…

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Baby Jesus (not Santa) delivers presents in Czechia, but what do foreigners think about the tradition?

The European People's Party is has gone far adrift from its conservative…

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You’re not alone during the coronavirus pandemic: opinion

Civic Platform (PO) presidential candidate Małogrzata Kidawa-Błońska suspends her campaign and calls…

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Attack on Christianity: Polish deputy PM demands Netflix remove film depicting Jesus as gay

The organizers have not granted the Polish president the right to speak…

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Three Kings journey through center of Prague

The president and the prime minister prove to have a good relationship

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‘We Europeans are Christians’: Viktor Orbán’s Christmas address

Defender 20, NATO Response Force war games and training of reserve units

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The Birth of Christ was a “scandalous event”

Scouts brought the Bethlehem light, a modern symbol of Christmas, from Linz,…

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