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Former Polish FM was willing to downgrade scale of Katyn massacre from genocide, TVP claims

An investigative documentary by Poland's state broadcaster TVP revealed correspondence between Russian…

Grzegorz Adamczyk Grzegorz Adamczyk

Polish PM: The crimes of the Katyn massacre must not be forgotten or whitewashed

In a move to stop Chinese influence in South-Central Europe, Croatia broke…

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Poland demands Russia immediately return Smoleńsk plane wreckage

Hungary's decision to extend movement restrictions is subject to weekly review

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Kremlin ‘surprised’ about Polish fears over Katyn and Smolensk commemoration

Slovenia will take the helm of the EU presidency in July

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Smoleńsk catastrophe widow pleads for Polish government not to travel to Russia

Fidesz MEP Deutsch says Hungary is being unfairly targeted in EU budget…

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PM Morawiecki: I want to travel to Russia to honor Smoleńsk and Katyń victims on April 10

Despite being presented as a unified economy, there is a huge discrepancy…

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