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Poles split on who should replace Kaczyński as leader of outgoing conservatives

Recent polling has revealed that Poles are split over who should replace the current leader of the outgoing governing Law and Justice (PiS) party following the party’s fall from power. A survey by SW Research for rp.pl asked Poles: “Who, in your opinion, could become the successor to Jarosław Kaczyński as the PiS party leader?” […]
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Why did Poland’s conservatives lose power? New data may reveal the answer

Research carried out by the OGB polling agency has revealed that the most often cited reason for rejecting the ruling party at the ballot box was that it was seen as responsible for breaking the long-lasting compromise on abortion and the state of the economy

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If pro-EU liberals win election, new Polish government given greenlight to violate rule of law

Donald Tusk has overtly claimed in recent months that in case of electoral victory on Oct. 15, as prime minister of Poland he will disregard all laws passed by the Polish parliament since 2015 which he finds to have been adopted in violation of the Polish constitution and/or EU law. For this reason, revoking unwanted laws will not require any debates or votes in the newly elected parliament.

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