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Tornado sweeps through a village in Eastern Slovakia

A tornado swept through the village of Petkovce in Eastern Slovakia on…

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Coronavirus is making weather forecasts less reliable for these reasons

Czechia also prolongs the ban on travel abroad

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Last year was Prague’s second warmest in 245 years

Migration pressure is on the rise, forcing Hungary to take action to…

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Season’s first snow takes Hungary by surprise

Entirely made in Hungary

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Hot and dry autumn boosts pest population in Hungary

Putin's first visit to Budapest in two years.

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Temperature soars to record high in Hungary

Hungarian bus maker Ikarus may be reborn with Chinese help.

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Hungary’s Indian summer in full swing

Konrad Kołodziejski writes that as we search for new sources of energy…

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Hungary issues “code red” in two regions for cold and icy winds

The World Bank has increased Poland’s GDP growth forecast for 2019 by…

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Prolonged drought hinders Hungarian grain exports

Poland’s “100 Books for the 100th Anniversary of Independence” have been chosen.…

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