Hungary’s Indian summer in full swing

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Hungarians are now enjoying a beautiful, long spell of an Indian summer – temperatures will peak today at 26 C (78.8 F) and, with some short interruptions, the National Meteorological Office expects the weather to last until at least next Monday, with highs between 24 and 27 C. The historical average high for October is 15.4 C, but it begins with an average high of 19 and drops daily, to just under 10 C by mid-October.

So if you have the opportunity and means, this is probably a good time to include an impromptu visit to the country. Bonus tip: most outdoor eateries will probably be open at around noon and the number of tourists has ebbed by this time of the year, so you’ll avoid long queues at your favorite (or just discovered) venues and get bargains for most accommodations.

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