‘An act of war’ – Russia warns Romania not to allow Ukrainian warplanes into its airspace

Any country that grants permission for Ukrainian fighter jets to fly in its airspace will be entering the war, warns Russia.

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author: Mandiner
Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konasenkov. (source: Youtube)

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konasenkov has warned Romania that allowing Ukrainian planes into its airspace will be considered an act of war.

During a press conference on Sunday, Konasenkov revealed that Russia had certain information relating to Ukrainian fighter jets which had been granted permission to enter Romanian airspace and “other adjacent countries.” Konasenkov told reporters that such an act will be construed by Russia as the respective countries’ involvement in the military conflict.

In an update on Russia’s ongoing invasion of neighboring Ukraine, Konasenkov claimed that the Russian army had recently destroyed the Ukrainian Air Force’s Vinnitsa air base, and had shot down three Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jets.

“We have virtually destroyed the entire combat-ready air fleet of the Kiev regime,” the spokesman said, adding that Russian troops had allegedly found evidence that the Ukrainians, with the support of the U.S. Department of Defense, had developed biological weapons using anthrax, cholera and other pathogens.

He said the Ukrainian Ministry of Health had issued a circular order to destroy the incriminating evidence, namely viruses and bacteria.

Konasenkov also revealed the intentions of Russian forces to commence precision air strikes on several plants in the “Ukrainian military-industrial complex” in the near future, warning workers of the factories in advance.

In response to Russian threats about effectively participating in the ongoing conflict, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis insisted the country is not getting involved under any circumstances, but they are prepared to defend themselves if necessary.

On Saturday afternoon, Iohannis visited the refugee camp in Lovech, Suceava County in northeastern Romania, with Interior Minister Raed Arafat and Home Secretary Lucian Bode. He told journalists that Romania is not rejecting anyone from Ukraine, calling what had happened in the neighboring country a humanitarian disaster.

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