2021: the ‘two-faced’ year of national security and illegal immigration

As in all previous years, 2021 also promises to represent the two faaces of Janus, and it is up to us which face will be the predominant one, former operations director of the Hungarian Secret Service László Földi writes in a column in daily Magyar Nemzet

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: László Földi

Many Conspiracy theories may not actually be real, but there is no doubt that the practice of conspiracy exists. In 21st century terms, the greatest of these conspiracies involve the striving of economic and political interest groups to influence spontaneous or consciously established processes while at the same time promoting their own views. They do this to further their exclusive interests, in many cases to the detriment of the majority society. No matter how hard we strive for it, no one can predict the future in exhaustive detail.

There are plenty of attempts, of course. Social scientists come up with formulas that sort of orient the majority of people toward the right direction — or, quite often, the vision they think is right. These attempts are mostly revealed — of course only in retrospect — to use manipulative tactics and in promotion of the economic and political interest of a narrow group loosely defined as the “power in the background”. Whenever we suspect conspiracy, what we are often dealing with is money, profit, and accumulated capital being put to use to further the interests of a few. The first two decades of this century have been full of examples of what our future planned by the indicated interest group will look like. Of the more absurd, surprising, and self-destructive visions from this group is the elimination of a sense of security, but it is the first step in the attempt to conquer North America and Europe is to disable safety brakes, such as removing the inviolability of borders, tacit support for religious fanaticism, and questioning the security self-determination rights of nations. In the parlance of conspiracy, the goal is not to stabilize and bring about order, but to achieve a state of anarchy.

Syrian refugees try to break the Macedonia border fence, as refugees clash with the Macedonian police at the Greek-Macedonian border, near Idomeni village. There is no shortage of news proving the above statements to be true. In troubled France, for example, a court order forbade demonstrations and rallies to be supervised with drones. With the decision, it was restricted authorities from taking action to ensure public safety in the case of disorderly conduct, violent assaults, and public disorder, nor can they find out afterwards due to the lack of recordings registered by the drones, what actually happened. When in 2020 almost everything about the world was about modern technology, it was a strange turn to ban drone surveillance for law enforcement. While mobile service companies are eavesdropping on us through our forgotten smartphones in our pockets — without retaliation or control — it is unacceptable to obstruct a judicial decision or the protection of public order.

Illegal immigration is not only an example of eroding security, but also a lucrative business for some. There are camps where one person is billed about €35 a day to feed a person. This is paid for by the governments of the European Union and the countries that maintain the camps. The actual cost is €10 per person. In this way, €25 can be distributed between smugglers and politicians in the background, who maintain and support this opportunity. Perhaps it is not well enough known that those who support the illegal occupation and invasion of North America and Europe, including many in Hungary, are not only traitors but also common criminals. The principle of “everything for money” is alien to the rule of law. It is unfortunate that NGO funders do not put this on their flag for all to see because it should be declared that anyone involved in this illegal operation can be held accountable for a crime against humanity.

After all, they are not only betraying Europeans with their actions, but they are also making victims of those who come here, many of them being forced into a life of crime. In order for the positive side of Janus’ face to prevail in 2021, it is important to understand the messages of recent years. Secrets of the future are easier to unravel if common sense dictates our actions. The human intellect is a gift that enables us to recognize good and evil. Even if we pay attention to political messages, let us not be manipulated by stupidity. Remember that like all years, 2021 will all start with a Janus face, and which side we will face is up to us, the majority. So, stay sober!


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