4 illegal migrants detained near Czech border

The four detainees wanted to travel onward to Germany

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Czech News Agency

In the fields near Lanžhot in the southeast of Czechia, customs officers found four migrants, probably Afghans, asking for directions on how to get to Germany.

Customs officers noticed the illegal immigrants in the fields near the Slovak border on Friday afternoon.

“Since it is not common for people to walk in this area, they decided to check the situation,” states the South Moravian Customs press release.

Upon arrival, they found four young foreigners without any documents. The immigrants repeatedly asked only one thing: “Germany?”

Customs officers took the foreigners to a nearby customs station and called the police, who then took the four men into custody.

Police siad the four detainees are probably Afghans, three of whom later said they are minors and one who is 20 years old.

Last year, the number of detained people who entered the Czech Republic illegally increased compared to 2018.

Police officers in the South Moravian Region in the southeast Czechia detained 568 people last year. A year earlier, it was only 359 people. So-called transit migration also increased slightly. Last year, police detained 69 people, but only 30 people a year earlier.


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