60 coronavirus cases in Czechia, 50% jump in one day

Within 24 hours, more than 20 people were infected

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Seznam Zprávy, Czech News Agency

According to the latest data, the Czech Republic registered 64 people infected with the coronavirus, with most patients coming from Prague, Ústí nad Labem region in the northwest of Czechia, and Central Bohemia.

The number of cases thus increased by more than 20 within 24 hours. As of Tuesday morning, there were only 40 cases.

Czech authorities also have seen an increase in the number of infected people who did not travel outside the country. Out of the 11 new cases in Prague, eight were infected in the Czech Republic.

So far, none of the Czech patients have yet been cured of the COVID-19 virus, according to Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch. He further confirmed that health authorities are still able to trace the source of the contagion, with hygienists reaching out to people who were in contact with infected individuals.

However, according to experts, in the case of hundreds of infected people, finding the source of infection might prove increasingly difficult.

According to Vojtěch, the health system is ready for a further increase in cases. He pointed out that the Czech Republic, for example, has a higher number of lung ventilation machines per capita compared to Italy. The number of laboratories that can test samples is also increasing, he added.

Since today, special measures issued by the Ministry of Health due to the spread of the virus are in place. Primary and secondary schools, as well as universities, are closed, while events with more than 100 participants have been banned since Tuesday evening.

Since Monday, Czechia has introduced additional checks at the border.

Furthermore, the two-week mandatory quarantine after returning from Italy still applies to Czech citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in the Czech Republic. There is also a ban on exports of hand disinfectants and high-efficiency respirators abroad.


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