A feast on the Charles bridge symbolically ends the pandemic

People in Prague dined at 500-meter-long table to celebrate

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author: Natálie Lošková, Novinky

A celebration on the Charles Bridge became a symbolic farewell to the coronavirus crisis. A 500-meter-long table appeared on the 515-meter-long bridge, and anyone could join the banquet.

There are still few tourists in Prague due to the coronavirus pandemic and the following restrictions. Prague tourist sites, that might be sometimes overflowing with travelers, are now much more accessible to Czechs. The Pianos on the street Association, therefore, decided to use this situation and organize a feast for about 2,000 people. The banquet was held on Charles Bridge, one of the oldest medieval Prague sites. Anyone who brought something of their own to eat and drink could sit at the table.

The feast began on Tuesday evening and could be attended by anyone, the only condition was that each guest brought something to the table. There were white tablecloths, vases with flowers, and on top of that a view of  Prague castle in the background.


“Someone bakes a cake, or a goose, for example. Another guest, and at the same time the host, prepares canapés. Someone places a rose into a vase. Or maybe brings grape wine. Or they would bring a guitar and sing,” explained Ondřej Kobza on behalf of the organizers.

According to the organizers, the public feast symbolizes saying goodbye to the difficult period of the coronavirus crisis and also welcoming the holidays.

The celebration was free for all visitors, but due to hygienic and organizational reasons, it was necessary to register ahead. On the spot, the registered guests received a badge, which symbolized an invitation to sit at the table.

In addition to the unique experience of dining on Charles Bridge, according to Kobza, the location of the feast has another meaning. “The bridge is a great symbol of connection. We want to see if we can trust each other. If we can sit next to someone else and offer them, for example, garlic spread, which we prepared at home,” he said.


“We want to send a signal that we are living here again and we are looking forward to all visitors to Prague who come to admire its beauty,” said the mayor of Prague 1, Petr Hejma.

“This event will only take place once as it can only be organized thanks to this exceptional situation when Charles Bridge is almost empty. We may never experience something like this again,” concluded the mayor.

The Czech Republic continues to relax the coronavirus restrictions. From last week, swimming pools, museums, zoos, and castles can now open without limits on the number of visitors. Even though the epidemiological situation in the eastern part of the Czech Republic has worsened in recent days, the situation in Prague has been stable as only a low number of people are diagnosed every day.

From July 1, for example, it is no longer mandatory to use face masks on public transport.

Title image: Organizers place flowers before sitting to dine on a 500-meter-long table set on the medieval Charles Bridge, after restrictions were eased following the coronavirus pandemic in Prague, Czech Republic, Tuesday, June 30, 2020. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)


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