Prosecutor appeals sentence of African convicted of rape in Czechia

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The public prosecutor has appealed against the verdict of a district court, which sentenced a Libyan man to two years in prison for raping a minor and stealing her mobile phone.

Public prosecutor Věra Šípalová is pushing for a tougher sentence. She explained that she decided to appeal the decision because she originally proposed a higher sentence of three years in prison.

It is not yet clear whether the defense team will also appeal. According to Halka Lacinová, President of the District Court in Litoměřice, the deadline for filing an appeal has not yet expired for the defendant´s team.

The case will now be handed over to the regional court.

The accused, Abdallah Ibrahim Diallo, did not confess to raping the 15-year-old girl last June near the village of Lukavec in the north of the Czech Republic. During the trial, he even said he did not remember committing the crime.

However, according to Judge Alexandra Šetková, there was irrefutable evidence, including the testimony of the victim and witnesses. Besides, Diallo had the girl’s stolen phone in his possession.

The Libyan migrant arrived in the Czech Republic from Germany, where he unsuccessfully applied for asylum. Although experts have confirmed that he suffers from schizophrenia, they also pointed out that his control and cognitive abilities at the time of the crime were not non-existent but only in a reduced state. The District Court then recommended treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Initially, no psychiatric report was requested. Doubts about the defendant’s mental state arose due to his strange behavior in custody and during the trial.

Title image: Abdallah Ibrahim Diallo (Libor Zavoral / Czech News Agency)

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