America interested in Czech nuclear power plants

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The Czech Republic will soon host two important representatives of the US government. Secretary of Defense James Mattis will visit Prague on the centennial anniversary of Czechoslovakia. Minister of Energy, Republican politician Rick Perry, will visit shortly afterwards, in mid-November. Both trips will follow a visit of the President of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan.

Both Mattis and Perry’s visits are not just ceremonial visits that demonstrate that the US continues to regard the Czech Republic as an ally. Mattis and especially Perry will head to Prague for the Dukovany power plant completion. The Americans are interested in securing the job, just like other countries.

Andrej Babiš’ Cabinet has not yet decided how the tender will be “made”. Some politicians, led by President Miloš Zeman, are pushing for an intergovernmental agreement with Russia, others for a public contract. Both Mattis and Perry will lobby to open a tender. Perry is allegedly open to discussing the issue on multiple occasions during his visit.

At the same time, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš’ possible visit to the United States will be discussed. There is no date fixed, but it should be next year, and the topic of power plants will surely be on the agenda. 

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