Kočner ordered the monitoring of at least five journalists

According to dennikn, Peter Tóth, former member of the Slovak secret service admitted that he was monitoring at least five journalists, among them Ján Kuciak, who was murdered in the spring.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Tóth is cooperating with police and claims he has no knowledge about a planned murder on Kuciak. The former journalist was paid by Marian Kočner, an entrepreneur, who is currently in police custody. According to dennikn, Tóth made a confession three weeks ago, shortly after three suspects were also taken to custody in connection with Kuciak’s murder. He could be the second person involved in the incident who is cooperating with the authorities, after Zoltán Andruskó.

Tóth supposedly claims he was following not just Kuciak, who was working for actuality.sk as an investigative journalist, but also other reporters including, Marek Vagovič, Adam Valček (SME), Štefan Hríb, the editor in chief at .týždeň and Monika Tódová from dennikn. The former intelligence officer and reporter prepared photos, videos and analyses for a monthly wage of 1,000 euros. Tóth, who himself was working for the SME before 2002 denies dennikn’s claims. 


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