America’s decision to pull troops from Europe won’t benefit Poland or the West

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U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to move 9,500 American troops from Germany will not benefit Poland and will weaken the unity of the Western world.

From the Germans’ point of view, this is about a fourth of all the U.S. troops stationed there. From Poland’s and other Central-Eastern European countries’ viewpoint, this is more soldiers than the total number of Western troops stationed on NATO’s Eastern flank.

This decision causes huge issues for everyone in Europe, but perhaps the biggest ones are for Poland.

During a period plagued by several crises, Trump is creating a new one in the relations between the main Western states.

Poland cannot escape from the great dilemma: Can our security be entirely dependent on America when Western unity is falling apart?

The key decision concerning the transfer of troops was made without any warning or consultations.

Some media outlets speculate that Trump made this decision as he was resentful about Angela Merkel refusing his invitation to join the G7 summit during the pandemic.