Andrzej Duda sworn in for second term

Duda wants a Poland which remembers its identity

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Polskie Radio/Twitter

During his speech in the Polish Sejm, Andrzej Duda emphasized that his upcoming term will be one “close to the people” and close to what is most important for Poles and himself.

“These key issues are family, security, jobs, investments and dignity. These are the five things which symbolize a Poland, which can combine tradition with modernity, because these two factors do not cancel each other out, but compliment each other,” he said.

Duda explained that the Poland of his dreams is an ambitious one, which develops rapidly and with innovation but which remembers its roots, history, identity and traditions.

“The family is the greatest good we have and we must do everything we can to protect the family and ensure good conditions for its development,” he declared.

The president re-emphasized that this is why he had signed the Family Rights Card and promised to maintain all social programs which were introduced under his previous term.

He referred to the words of Pope John Paul II who often appealed to politicians to surround the family with special legal and economic protection. This is because the family is the basic cell of social life and the basic human community which defines the nation and humanity.

President Duda also underlined that for many years, one of Poland’s greatest struggles was a high unemployment rate. He pledged that everything must be done to make sure the job market situation does not deteriorate due to the pandemic crisis.

In context of great investments, the statesman declared that Polish energy security is being strengthened by projects such as the Baltic Pipe and Poland must focus on public investments.

“Poland needs public investments because without them, the country will not develop. We need large endeavors such as the Central Communication Port and the Vistula Spit excavation,” he said.

Right after the ceremony, the President and the First Lady went to the statue of Jesus Christ in front of the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw to lay a wreath of flowers beneath it. The statue was vandalized and profaned by LGBT activists last week.


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